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Ocean Pacific Seafood & Meat Sdn Bhd (HQ)

29, Jalan Perniagaan Setia 1/1, Taman Perniagaan Setia, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
+6016-7705522 Mr.Yap
+6016-7220405 Ms.Heng
     (Account Department)

Ocean Pacific Fresh Seafood Wholesales
49, Jalan Perniagaan Setia 3,
Taman Perniagaan Setia,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.


Aust Grass Fed beef Sliced ˢţƬ 300gm/pkt

Aust Chilled Wagyu Topside (L)-500G

Beef Cube Roll 1KG

Aust Beef Striploin Meltique 200G

RM 29.50Add to CartRM 49.90Add to CartRM 21.50Add to CartRM 28.00Add to Cart

Whole Chicken (1.8KG per nos)

Bone In chicken cut Ǽ 1kg/pkt

BL8 Chicken ChopImport(Sold per KG)** BUY MORE SAVE MORE

Frozen Spring Chicken 800-900GRAM

RM 15.30Add to CartRM 10.90Add to CartRM 15.00Add to CartRM 9.90Add to Cart

Smoke Duck Breast X5 PKT Saving RM4.50

prawn meat Got tail/No tail 31/40 1kg/pkt

Unagi 50p 200gm/pkt

5pkt-Toman Slice 1kg

RM 38.00RM 33.50Add to CartRM 130.00RM 107.50Add to CartRM 110.00RM 100.00Add to CartRM 42.50RM 34.00Add to Cart

Duck Leg Ѽ +-1kg

Duck Ѽ+-2.3kg

Smoke Duck Breast 200G/Pkt **

RM 24.00Add to CartRM 36.00Add to CartRM 8.50Add to Cart 

Cheesy Chicken ball (SPICY) 300gram/pkt

La gusto frozen Blueberry 500gm/pkt

La gusto frozen mixed berries 500gm/pkt

La gusto frozen strawberry 500gm/pkt

RM 16.00Add to CartRM 14.50Add to CartRM 10.50Add to CartRM 12.00Add to Cart

Ring Roll plain180G

Dry Anchovy Grade A 500G/ikan bilis

Sichuan Steamboat Noodles 240G/Pkt

RM 8.50Add to CartRM 18.00Add to CartRM 5.00Add to Cart 

Hana Katsuo Bushi 500G

Japanase Short Gain Rice PER KG

Jap Ebiko Orange) 500G

Octopus Seasoning Baby (CHUKA IDAKO) 500G

RM 48.00Add to CartRM 9.00Add to CartRM 45.00Add to CartRM 26.00Add to Cart

NZ Grass Fed Lamb Sliced Ŧˢ 300gm/pkt

Mutton Cube 500G

Aust Lamb Chop 200g+-pkt

RM 27.90Add to CartRM 25.00Add to CartRM 12.00Add to Cart 

Abalone-Slice A 300g/pkt

Vegetarian Meat Floss 1kg/pkt

Chicken Meat Ham Slice 400gram/pkt

Chuka Kurage Spicy 1KG/PKT

RM 9.90Add to CartRM 45.00Add to CartRM 9.50Add to CartRM 56.00Add to Cart


Snow Crab 300/400

Snow Crab 400/600

Fresh Tenggiri Steak 500G/PKT

RM 12.00Add to CartRM 36.00Add to CartRM 55.00Add to CartRM 23.00Add to Cart

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